The Walking Dead Battlefront Mod is being developed by Phobos and other talented modders as an online and singleplayer campaign for Star Wars Battlefront (2004)
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Tyreese Backpack Model Patch required for Season 1 ->
Steyr AUG Model required for Season 3 ->
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Only a few members have access to the Mod Spoilers Board. This contains discussions of plans for the mod design, the direction of storyline arcs and missions for Seasons 1-7, character deaths, and how some of them differ from the source material.

August 2016 Current Developer Build = v0.86
v0.86 Download

TWD Mod Season 1 Download TBA. Developer builds are limited to the Walking Dead board group for bug testing.
When Season 1 is finished it's being released on ModDB and SWBFGamers as TWD Battlefront Mod v1.0
Meanwhile, check out Night Of The Living Dead Battlefront Mod
Night Of The Living Dead

Currently there are plans for at least 7 seasons of the mod, ~50 missions and ~40 unique characters, along with several generic unit classes such as bandits and zombies. Each season is being released on it's own as the next version of TWD Battlefront Mod, which contains all the previous seasons (and bugfixes if needed). This mod is much different to stock SWBF and plays like it's own Walking Dead video game. Each level of the campaign features a mission briefing and voiceover. Cutscenes from the show and comic are included in between missions, along with mod cutscenes filmed using in-game characters. Not every character can be included due to lack of player models, Carl and Michonne are excluded from the mod. Tyreese is combined with Theodore "T-Dog" Douglas and is a military Sergeant who resembles Mark Hammond from Z Nation. Glenn is a limosuine driver. Andrea uses the katana instead of Michonne. Dr. Edwin Jenner is also a main character who uses a shaolin monk spade. The mod has several differences compared to the show including changes to storyline, locations, weapons, and character deaths.

Existing mod maps for SWBF will be featured, as well as brand new custom maps based on the show, such as the Farm, Prison, Terminus, etc. One of the biggest differences is that Alexandria is never seen, instead the group settles at Terminus like The Prison. Ideas are combined from The Walking Dead Comics and Fear The Walking Dead TV Series, along with an Oceanic Oil Rig storyline featured in Season 5. TWD Battlefront features a unique storyline on an oil rig at sea, which is not seen in the comic or show and an original idea by Phobos. The first few episodes of Season 5 were great but the quality declined after the Terminus arc concluded. Grady Memorial Hospital and Alexandria are story arcs not included in the mod, instead Terminus is settled, and in the middle of season 5 a small faction of Rick's group splits up to visit the oil rig. More ideas are included from Z Nation such as Radioactive Blasters and Zombie Dogs, which are capable of running fast, tactical aggression, and jumping towards prey. This mod features a diversity of zombies such as the classic Romero Walkers, Runners, Blasters, Bloaters, Z-Dogs, Brutes and other Armored Zeds.

Featuring Two Campaign Modes for Singleplayer
Each campaign mode has it's own progress log. Maps must be beaten sequentially in SP but can be played in any order online. The Walking Dead Battlefront Mod official SWBFspy server is hosted on Nightmare mode.
Classic Survival mode is playable at any difficulty setting, Easy Medium or Hard. It features only slow walkers and armored zombies as seen in the TV series.
Nightmare Apocalypse mode is only playable on Hard difficulty. It features walkers, fast zombies such as runners and Z dogs, as well as bloaters which vomit toxic bile at players, and other new zombies TBA later.

TWD Battlefront Mod Season 7 Confirmed!

The Atlanta 13 = Rick, Shane, Morgan, Glenn, Andrea, Tyreese, Merle, Daryl, Lori, Dale, Jim, Carol, Dr. Jenner
Season 1 of the mod introduces 13 playable main characters. Most of them won't survive the entire campaign. In the comics there are currently only 4 Original Atlanteans still alive, and in the show there are 6 (excluding Negan's kill which hasn't been officially revealed yet). The Walking Dead Battlefront is about as different to the show as the show is to the comic, so it features both iconic similarities and unique remixes to The Walking Dead storyline.

Preview Character Models Seasons 1-2

Favorite TWD Season 1 Character

Season 0 - Before The Apocalypse
0 - Flashback: Days Gone Bye

Season 1 - Days Gone Bye
1 - Grantville Park
2 - Streets of Atlanta
3 - Atlanta Nursing Home
4 - Atlanta Survivor Camp
5 - Atlanta Skyscraper Roof
6 - Center for Disease Control

Season 2 - Miles Behind Us
7 - Interstate 85
8 - FEMA Aid Station
9 - Greene Family Farm
10 - Carriage Castle Tavern
11 - The Executioner
12 - Miles Behind Us

Season 3A - TBA
13 - Prison: Safety Behind Bars
14 - Prison: The Killer Within
15 - Prison: The Calm Before
16 - Helicopter Crashsite

Weapons Featured in TWD Mod
Bows: Longbow, Crossbow
Handguns: Beretta M9, Smith & Wesson Revolver, Colt Revolver
Submachine Guns: MAC-10, MP5, Tommy Gun
Assault Rifles: AK-47, M4A1, Steyr AUG
Sniper Rifles: Flintlock Rifle, Winchester Rifle, M40 Rifle
Shotguns: Remington Shotgun, Winchester Shotgun, AA12 Shotgun
Demolitions/Fire: Explosive Bolts, Molotov Cocktails, M-67 Grenades, Landmines, Propane Tank Bombs, Dynamite, Flamethrower, M79 Grenade Launcher, RPG
Misc: Caltrops, Chainsword, Gravity Gun, Sentry Turret

Favorite Zombie Apocalypse Melee Weapon