June 2017 - Build v0.94
As of May 3rd 2017 v0.94 is available to download on ModDB as an Early Access demo build for alpha testing.

v0.94 Download
The Walking Dead Battlefront

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The Walking Dead Battlefront is being developed by Phobos and other talented modders as an expansion mod for Star Wars Battlefront (v1.2 PC 2004)
TWDBF features a Campaign for singleplayer and multiplayer based on the show. Other custom modes such as Deathmatch and Capture The Flag are also being added.
Currently there are 25 members on The Walking Dead Battlefront Group. To join, create an account on SWBFGamers.com and post on this board, or one of the request threads

Steyr AUG Model Conversion required for Season 3 -> http://www.swbfgamers.com/index.php?topic=9136
Shiva Tiger Model Conversion required for Season 7 -> http://www.swbfgamers.com/index.php?topic=10958
Buglist for Advanced Hackers/Modders -> http://www.swbfgamers.com/index.php?action=printpage;topic=10789

There is also a survey players can take to apply for joining the official TWD forum group. https://surveyplanet.com/5849a27815250712903a2e0d

Only a few members have access to the Mod Spoilers Board. This contains discussions of plans for the mod design, the direction of storyline arcs and missions for Seasons 1-7, character deaths, and how some of them differ from the source material.

Currently there are plans for at least 7 seasons of the mod, ~50 missions and ~40 unique characters, along with several generic unit classes such as bandits and zombies. The first 2 seasons are 6 levels, and every season thereafter is 8 levels each. Every two seasons the mod is being released on ModDB as the next version of TWD Battlefront Mod, which contains all the previous seasons (and bugfixes if needed). The Walking Dead Battlefront v2.0 would feature the first 4 seasons. This mod is much different to stock SWBF and plays like it's own Walking Dead video game. Each level of the campaign features a mission briefing and voiceover. Cutscenes from the show and comic are included in between missions, along with mod cutscenes filmed using in-game characters. Not every character can be included due to lack of player models, Carl and Michonne are excluded from the mod. About the tank in season 1 that Rick finds abandoned in the streets of Atlanta: In the mod, Sergeant Tyreese Williams (nicknamed "T-Dog") is the tank driver, the only survivor of his platoon. He is armed with an M40 sniper rifle, Beretta M9 handgun, Dynamite, and a Hammer. Glenn is a tuxedo-wearing limosuine driver. Andrea is a samurai who uses the katana, since Michonne can't be featured yet. Dr. Edwin Jenner is also a main character who uses an M4A1 carbine and shaolin monk spade. The mod has several differences compared to the show including changes to storyline, locations, weapons, and character deaths.

This mod is designed to support USB controller autoaim by default, though it can be disabled by server hosts. Existing mod maps for SWBF will be featured, as well as brand new custom maps based on the show, such as the Farm, Prison, Terminus, etc. One of the biggest differences is that Alexandria is never seen, instead the group settles at Terminus which is located on the coast. Ideas are combined from The Walking Dead Comics and Fear The Walking Dead TV Series, along with an Atlantic Oil Rig storyline featured in Season 5. More ideas are included from Z Nation such as Radioactive Blasters and Zombie Dogs, which are capable of running fast, tactical aggression, and jumping towards prey. This mod features a diversity of zombies such as the classic Romero Walkers, Runners, Blasters, Bloaters, Z-Dogs, Brutes and other Armored Zeds. The Whisperer War from the comics is also being included, whether or not the show gets to that storyline.

Season 5 of TWD Battlefront is planned to include a story arc and custom mod map for an oil rig at sea, which is not seen in the comic or show. In the mod, the location and design of Terminus is altered - it is a shipping yard on the Atlantic coast with a lighthouse nearby. On the show the first few episodes of Season 5 were amazing, but the quality declined somewhat after the Terminus arc concluded. Grady Memorial Hospital and Alexandria are story arcs not included in the mod, instead Terminus is settled, and in Season 5B a convoy is sent to explore the oil rig after radio contact is made with a mysterious inhabitant.

Featuring 6 Unique Game Modes!
This mod adds several new gameplay modes to SWBF1 for a variety of replay value. Currently Deathmatch and TDM are only supported in SP, though support for MP could be added in a future patch using era script mods.
Apocalypse Campaign - The main mode featuring playable missions from the TV series. Includes non-canon special zombies such as brutes, bloaters, runners, and Z dogs. In singleplayer, maps are beaten progressively and certain bonuses can be unlocked. In multiplayer, maps can be played out of order as chosen by the server host, up to 24 maps per session.
Capture The Flag - Ideas for CTF mode are being tested, one-flag mode should be possible using a new workaround idea, though it might not function exactly as SWBF2 and only on a limited number of maps.
Deathmatch - Every player and AI fights for themselves on randomized stock maps, with the main factions being randomized TWD characters and bandits. Zombies are featured on stock maps with native support.
Team Deathmatch - Combat on a randomized stock map, with randomized main factions and native factions, such as survivors vs zombies, bandits vs zombies, survivors vs bandits, etc.
Infected Mercy - Everyone in your group has been bitten by zombies and infected with the virus. All your friends have already died and become zombies; they must be given a final mercy shot before either you turn into a zombie or kill yourself. You're on a timer and only have five minutes before dying from infection and blood loss. Additional injuries from zombies reduce your lifespan even further.
Undead Assault - Survive 10 increasingly difficult waves of undead siege on iconic maps such as The Farm, Prison, Woodbury, and Terminus. This is the hardest mode and can only be featured for a few maps.

The Atlanta 13 = Rick, Shane, Morgan, Glenn, Andrea, T-Dog/Tyreese, Merle, Daryl, Lori, Dale, Jim, Carol, Dr. Jenner
Season 1 of the mod introduces 13 playable main characters. Most of them won't survive the entire campaign. In the comics there are currently only 4 Original Atlanteans still alive, and in the show there are 5. The Walking Dead Battlefront is about as different to the show as the show is to the comic, so it features both iconic similarities and unique remixes to The Walking Dead storyline.

Preview Character Models Seasons 1-2

Favorite TWD Season 1 Character

Season 0 - Before The Apocalypse
0 - Flashback: Days Gone Bye

Season 1 - Days Gone Bye
1 - Atlanta Grantville Park
2 - Atlanta City Streets
3 - Atlanta Nursing Home
4 - Atlanta Survivor Camp
5 - Atlanta Skyscraper Roof
6 - Atlanta Center for Disease Control

Season 2 - Miles Behind Us
7 - Interstate 85
8 - FEMA Aid Station
9 - Hershel's Farm
10 - Carriage Castle Tavern
11 - The Executioner
12 - Miles Behind Us

Season 3 - Made To Suffer
13 - Prison: Safety Behind Bars
14 - Prison: The Killer Within
15 - Prison: The Calm Before
16 - Helicopter Crashsite
17 - Woodbury: Made To Suffer
18 - Woodbury: The Suicide King
19 - Woodbury: Prey
20 - Abandoned Warehouse

10 Main Zombie Types
Shambler - Slower than walkers and extremely rotted, they use mostly smell to detect prey (high radar)
Walker - The most common type of zombie. Faster than shamblers but slower than runners, they use sound to hunt humans (medium radar)
Runner - Much faster than walkers, freshly turned sprinting zombies that rely on sight to find their next meal (low radar)
Brutes - Armored zombies such as police, SWAT, military, and chainmail zombies. These have helmets and other types of body armor for enhanced protection.
Each type of brute has a walker and runner variant, all of which sometimes drop ammo when killed. These have the highest HP of all brutes, cop brutes have the lowest.
Crawler - Slowest zombies of all, these have no legs, they crawl silently and often sneak around to hidden sniper locations, able to pull enemies down to the ground. Cop crawlers sometimes drop ammo.
Bloater - Faster than crawlers but slower than shamblers, Bloaters have the highest HP of all human zombies, though they are 2x weaker to fire and explosive damage.
These zombies can vomit toxic bile at players from a short distance for instant kills. They also explode when killed, releasing deadly fumes.
Zombie Dog - Z Dogs are extremely fast zombies which have slightly more health than Z cops, with a run speed of 20mph. They can also jump around the map and move in unpredictable patterns to avoid being shot at.
Zombified canines can smell players from anywhere (max radar) and are considered extremely dangerous, they should be killed on sight. Due to the dog model being unrigged, currently they are not animated, and appear to hover and float around the map.
Under Construction - These models have yet to be ported or be improved
Zombie Lion - Z Lions are much more dangerous than Z Dogs. Zombie Lions are 25% faster than Z Tigers, with a speed of 50mph. Their attacks are twice as powerful as a Z Dog. They also dodge attacks with unpredictable movement patterns.
Zombie Tiger - Z Tigers are ferocious animals. They run twice as fast as Z Dogs, with a speed of 40mph. Their attacks are 25% more powerful than Z Lions. They also dodge attacks with unpredictable movement patterns.
Zombie Elephant - Z Elephants are the deadliest zombies in the game, with tons of HP. They run slightly faster than Z Dogs at 25mph. Zombified elephants charge directly at players like human zombies.
Their attacks are instantly lethal, and they have been known to crush even the most powerful vehicles during their furious rampages.

Weapons Featured in TWD Battlefront
Melee: http://i.imgur.com/DuMPAXL.png
Bows: Wooden Longbow, Horton Scout HD 125 Crossbow
Handguns: Flintlock Pistol, Luger Parabellum 1908, Walther PPK, Beretta M9, Heckler & Koch P30, M93R Burst, Smith & Wesson M1917 Revolver, Colt 1851 Navy Revolver, Desert Eagle Mark VII (silver & black variants)
Submachine Guns: MAC-10, MP5A3, Tommy Gun
Assault Rifles: AK-47, M16A2, M16A4, M4A1 Carbine, XM8, AUG, Steyr AUG (not ported yet)
Sniper Rifles: Flintlock Musket, Winchester Model 70 Bolt-Action Rifle, Winchester Model 94 Lever-Action Rifle, M40A3 Tactical Sniper Rifle, Dragonuv Sniper Rifle, Barrett M82A1 .50 Cal Sniper Rifle
Shotguns: Remington 1100 Tactical Shotgun, Winchester 1897 Trenchgun, Atchisson Assault Shotgun (AA-12)
Demolitions/Fire: Explosive Bolts, Molotov Cocktails, M-67 Grenades, Landmines, Propane Tank Bombs, Dynamite, WW2 Flamethrower, MultiMortar Grenade Launcher, RPG-7 Launcher
Misc: Caltrops, Javelins, Log Traps, Chainsword, Gravity Gun, Chaingun/Minigun, Sentry Turret

Favorite Zombie Apocalypse Melee Weapon